Identifying where the blockages are..(Walking in Oneness Conference in Northern Ireland).

Praise God for His faithfulness ! He never lies ! He said I will never leave nor forsake . That is truth ! And even if we think he is far from us . Stop and listen . God is speaking to us in many ways . Thru us , to our hearts , minds , thru His word and thru others that luv Him . Sometimes we need to sit and ask God what is He saying , then b still and listen , and problems we have of not hearing God is not His fault , but due to blockages within ourselves due to unseat with hurts from the past is normally the problem . Ask God and the Holy Spirit to guide u and show u where those hurts and blockages are . I’ve had that problem sometimes and didn’t always realize it till God sent a beautiful sister in Christ to Pcc last weekend a mighty woman who is after Gods Heart and carries His luv to the hurting ministered to me and others . Although I’ve probably heard the same sort of teaching before this lady had authority wen she spoke . Gods Authority . His words spoken thru her had power to help us see in a different and new way . Praise God for sending Christine Nelson wen I no I needed guidance x x x-  Elizabeth Ervine

 A huge fog lifted off my life….(Walking in Oneness Conference Northern Ireland)

For many years I’ve struggled with identity issues, always striving to find myself. But leading a very disconnected life. With burdens and hurts that followed me. I’ve known Christine through Facebook for a while and she has mentored me through a lot of baggage in my life. So when I heard she was doing a walking in oneness conference in Northern Ireland I knew there was a spiritual significance and timing. I was prayed over and had an orphan spirit and spirit of poverty broken off me! It was like a huge heavy fog being lifted off my life. I know there this is just the start of the supernatural shift in my situation. And aligning my heart and mind to heavenly mindedness. I’m thankful for Christine’s Apostolic mantle and prophetic insight and know this is only the beginning. -  Janice Murtagh

Walking in Oneness in Jamaica

The Lord has done a marvelous work in Jamaica through Christine Nelson. As part of her itinery, she proclaimed the word of God at 3 separate institutions, a local church, a small group and a financial institution. On each occasion the word came forth with power and a strong annointing from God. In each instance Christine prophesied over all persons present. In her short visit to Jamaica. As a result of those prophesies from God, lives have been changed, chains have been broken, and the sons of God have awaken to a new revelation of who they are in Christ Jesus. As for me, this was the first time someone has really prophesied over my life. I take the prophecy very serious and i am now pressing to know God much more. God has used Christine to birth a renewed desire to know God deeply, to obey his commands and to align with His will for my life. God is indeed good.

-Bosede Douglas

God revealed Himself as El Shaddai (more than enough)

Christine Nelson ministered at the Church of God prophesy this afternoon 1/12/13. During her sermon, she got the interpretation of a young woman’s unknown tongue as a word of knowledge and this was immediately confirmed by the young lady. The Lord revealed this through Christine to comfort the young lady who just recently lost her mum. There was love from the Father poured out into this young lady through Christine. Christine’s words definitely flows from the heart of the Father. Halleluyah!!! Christine carries anointed prophetic gift and discerning of spirits. Christine has been an amazing friend who will do everything within her capability to help others both physically and spiritually. Her heart is just to please the Father no matter what it takes and to see the move of God in this generation.  -  Mary Cleary

Marked,commissioned,reignited with purpose

“A young beautiful mother”, was my initial impression of Christine. So unassuming, yet bold… At that point I had no idea of the anointing that rested on her life and the powerful way that God would use her to minister into my life. I had a date with destiny and she was the chosen vessel to facilitate that. I soon realised that not only was Christine an established author and public speaker, but she also carried a strong prophetic anointing, one so unmistakably sharp and precise. As she spoke, I admired the close walk she had with God and the intimacy she enjoyed with Him – an harmonious synergy. This was clearly displayed in the fruit of her prophetic. My God-given destiny, and unspoken and hidden dreams, were reaffirmed that day. I was marked and commissioned and re-ignited with purpose, thanks to Christine’s obedience and sensitivity to the moving of the Holy Spirit. Bless you Christine! Melanie Torrens

Ushering into my call and purpose

Christine Nelson Ministries has impacted my life in two major ways:
1st) My Calling..when Christine Nelson prophesied over me, It beared witness to my life’s calling. It confirmed my visions during this pivotal stage in my life.
2nd) My family..I beared witness to the work my mother started that I must complete in my family.
Your prophecy has helped me to focus with direction, it lead me to pray correctly for instruction, and most importantly it has given me a peace of mind with confidence in what I must do in my life.
Thank you Christine. May God keep blessing you so that you can keep blessing others. Monette Stuart

Excitement bubbled on the inside as I sat keenly listening to her every word.

I first met Christine Nelson when she was invited to the Herts International Church, Connect group in Welwyn Garden City. She introduced her first book in the series ‘Walking in Oneness’ Taking the Father by the hand. This introduction came at an important time in my life when I needed to feel the touch of my heavenly Father.

I admired Christine’s openness as she shared with us her personal relationship with the Father. She referred often to God as her ‘Daddy’ and spoke of her love and affection for Him.

Christine spoke with humour as she shared with us her journey of faith. It felt so overwhelmingly real and possible that I too could walk in oneness with God. Excitement bubbled on the inside as I sat keenly listening to her every word.

It was apparent that Christine had received revelation of who God is and was therefore able to feel the love and security that he wanted her to have. Feeling secure in the comforting arms of her ‘Daddy’ she was able to speak with power and authority as she blessed us with her testimony, prayer, prophetic words and her first book ‘Walking in Oneness Taking the Father by the hand’.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who desires to have a personal and intimate relationship with God. And one step further, I would highly recommend you inviting Christine to minister at your place of worship as she comes with a prophetic anointing. Carol Carty

Confirmation of God’s word

Christine came to speak to one of our women’s tea party and it was a message we needed to hear so hungrily. She spoke about Walking in Oneness with God…from the very beginning I knew she was a woman of vision, determination and courage to speak the things God has taught her. I felt an urge in my spirit to reach down there within my soul to listen more to God as He does want Oneness with me more than anything else. The simple things that matters to Him are a complete, honest relationship with us. Christine’s experience, testimony and teaching brought an awareness so easily undermined in our lives. I am grateful very grateful for this, even so grateful that she gave me a word at the end of the service while praying for me. She confirmed a word many others had said over my life and I was so glad to have confirmation from Christine. A true disciple of God. I thank God for her life. Jeanne Koua

Prophetic word confirmed

“I was prayed for by Christine she saw hands that were blessed with finance. I was spoken to by the Lord who gave me specific instructions several years ago regarding a financial strategy which is currently a work in progress with an end date. I saw the prayer as confirmation of that strategy, with more revelation to come.” Pastor Graham

Jehovah Rophe-God heals

Christine had been given a word knowledge by the Lord that He wanted to heal at this meeting. During the meeting a woman Janet Chance came shared about her Mom (in her words) ” Annie Chance was supernaturally healed while Christine prayed for Lola. Her legs started to rise supernaturally and tremendous heat came on her leg. She now looks and is walking differently without aid.” PRAISE OUR GOD IN HEAVEN WHO HEALS Annie Chance

Passionate to see people set free

I had the opportunity to witness Christine Nelson Ministries whilst in India in 2013. I can say that the ministry is one that is led by a true heart and passion to see Gods people set free, delivered, and able to stand in the freedom that they have been given. It is a ministry that does not apologise for the use of the name Jesus, is not afraid to step into territory that others may not want to in prayer and one that can be relied on to be honest and true to God’s word. Christine herself is a warm and kind hearted woman and that same openess spreads into her ministry which allows her to welcome all kinds of people into the truth that God loves us all. I have personally been blessed by the ministry through personal ministering from Christine which is comein the form of both truth and grace, direct yet compassionate and understanding yet uncompromising. I have no doubt that this is a ministry that God has ordained and is taking to heights greater than one can imagine. Kika Ashanike

Great anointing

I have had the privilege of experiencing Christine Nelson’s ministry for quite some time now and I am always so blessed whenever she shares what God has said concerning me. God has filled her with such love and that love pours out whenever she ministers to me. She carries such a great anointing which allows the Holy Spirit to flow whenever she sings/ministers. She is a great mentor to me, always so encouraging and she continues to help me know who I am in God and the direction he wants me to go in. Carlien Djang

Life transforming

Christine Nelson’s ministry has been life transforming to me, she has come alongside me and supported me in prayer, breaking through strongholds into a place of freedom and unbroken fellowship with The Lord, becoming completely lost in Him. I have been able to discover a new dimension in the Spirit and take steps towards understanding and utilising all of my gifts and talents. I am so blessed to have her in my life. Nicole Belfon

To know who they are in Christ

Christine is a very passionate woman of God, who takes prayer and her relationship with Christ very seriously. I have been blessed to be in her ministry where she has impacted my life with her powerful prophetic anointing that she carries. She has been my mother and role model in my walk in Christ praying and encouraging me at all times. Christine’s passion is for Christians to know who they are in Christ and not to let circumstance of life to define us.Rachel Mwai