Testimonies from Walking in Oneness

After reading her books, Christine welcomes your feedback and testimonial. If you wish, it can be displayed here for others to share.



Walking in oneness with the Lord is an important principle for every believer and the book’s core passage – John 17 – gives incredible insights into Jesus’s heart for everyone of His followers. The prayers that punctuate each chapter are filled with God’s Word.

Christine is passionate in her quest to experience the fullness of God and she has a deep desire to share with others.

This book marks a new chapter in Christine’s ministry. Her passion for God and her depth of relationship with Christ is reflected in this frank testimony of her experiences. Her writing is a testimony to God’s faithfulness through the tests, trials and tribulations of life.

There is never a better way to live than following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Christine has continually endeavored to do this and her book is a reflection of her genuinity and love for God. Pastor Jo Naughton


I was intrigued with the book from the first page onward.

Christine Nelson has a tremendous way of using analogies, illustrations and images to forcefully convey a message so that it is not easily forgotten. The 911 example did just that at the start of the book and after that, other illustrations which stuck with me include the sun and its rays, mirror, bride and groom and the banqueting table.

I bought and read the book at a time of serious personal challenges, a period of discouragement and a period where I found myself asking where God is in the midst of my crises. This book (i) reminded me of the heart of such of Big God willing and desiring to commune with and have such intimacy with me His created daughter; (ii) ignited a renewed desire to restore and renew the lost intimacy with Him and (iii) created a new desire to be and remain in the secret place – the Holy of Holies.

Presented in a simple, clear, brief, relatable, practical and convicting manner, the book stirs the reader to continue reading hence I was able to complete it the first time around in a relatively short period of time. It is one of those books that will become a companion to be read over and over.

The prayers at the end of each chapter are very effective and to the point, helping the reader to apply the lessons learnt in the chapter and sealing such lessons in prayer to God.

I have a renewed perception of the “Walk” and “Oneness,” which are definite themes and a common thread throughout the book, which mentions issues such as the body as one and a marriage in which two become one and where unity is the path to preventing any foothold of the enemy. I now long for that place in my walk with God where I can hear God clearly without any static in the communication line. I seek a re-alignment in my direction where with God we are going in the same direction, where we can eat, drink and talk together in the most intimate fashion.

This book will help everyone regardless of where the individual is at along the Christian journey; be it the lukewarm, prodigal, backslider, those doing well spiritually or those who are not saved. Depending on one’s circumstances in the walk, the benefits include invitation to commune and walk, reinforcement, renewal or reminders of the privilege we have in Christ.

On all counts, this book is an excellent production. Angella Edusei


As I strive to be the best that I can be and fulfill my destiny, understanding God’s heart and purpose for my creation is crucial. This book has given me a glimpse of what God intended when he created me. It has helped me identify where I am in my walk with him and given me an insight into the example that Jesus provided.
Christine has peppered this study with great personal experiences and scriptures which bring the whole book to life.

Definitely a worthwhile read. Joanne Johnson


From my very first reading of the draft of Christine Nelson’s ‘Walking In Oneness’, I have waited rather impatiently for the publication date. This book is an eye opener – pointing out a crucial point of focus in our Christian walk. It made me realise how much I needed (and desired) a greater intimacy with God. I expect great things as I study and apply the truths of this great revelation! Bim Oguntunde


“Walking in Oneness” is an amazing book! Christine’s book came into my life when I had been searching for that real knowing of Jesus. I had been pressing into really hearing God’s voice and really wanting to be able to understand His will for my life.  The writing is easy to read, you can tell Christine has a real intimate relationship with our Abba-Father. It has really ministered to me in the area of my own intimacy with my Abba Father. It has really taught me how to connect with God’s will by showing me biblical principles that I can tap into. I have always wanted to walk in God’s will but wasn’t sure how to but now Christine has explained how to apply this in her book practically using “God’s promises and His Word.” It truly is that simple and I will be using this book as a lifelong tool to remind me of the absolute truth that God wants to be close to me in a real and practical way.  This book can also be used as a study guide and I am sure would really benefit small groups.  My relationship with my Daddy is going to a new level and this book has been instrumental in getting me started on my new walk with Jesus.  Thanks Christine for spending time with Jesus and making it accessible for everyone, like you say “no one will be left out” God has a plan for us all. Inge Robinson


Christine’s book “Walking in Oneness” is a timely reminder of the need to partner with God in every aspect of our lives.  It highlights God’s unconditional love for His children and His desire to forge everlasting relationships with us devoid of anything to do with self.  A must read for all who seek a closer walk with God! Pastor Tokie


I am always looking for something new to refresh me from the saints. Here is a book Walking in Oneness that did just that. Brief and to the point it offers specific advice on ‘how to’. But much more importantly than that, it speaks from a perspective of personal experience that includes some conviction, some suffering, and some learning. This elevates this little book into something wonderful. Dave Cooper


What a powerful, Spirit filled book – Walking in Oneness! I thought I’ll finish the book- but I will never finish the book because at the moment it has become part of my morning devotional. Every chapter in the book has something significant for me to put into practice in my life. There is so much to read and re-read and study because what you have written agrees with what is in my heart.
God bless you and may He use “Walking in Oneness to bless many others! Angela Hassabis


Walking in Oneness is a must read! Not only have I been blessed but I have been so challenged. I have longed to understand how to abide completely in my Lord as John 15 states and this book explains it so clearly. I have been able to relate so well with the contents of this book, its personal and straight to the point. This book is a devotional and has been a great tool in my times with God. Margaret Tusiime


Walking in Oneness has been an eye opener and a blessing to read. The language is simple and to the point. It has taught me how to align my life with God’s will; even in difficult situations knowing that all He has ever wanted for me is to be one with my Father in Heaven like Jesus is with Him. It has challenged me so much in my walk with Christ; teaching me to daily synchronise my will with my Father in Heaven rather than walking in independence by doing my will and pray later. I thank God for Christine writing this book, for the timely publication. If you really want to change your attitude towards your prayer life and walk with Christ in an intimate way then I recommend this book. Rachel Mwai


I was introduced to Christine’s book Walking in Oneness when she was a guest speaker at my Cell. What intrigued me most was that she explained that sometimes we see God as someone who is so big and so far away but it is important to have intimacy with the Lord. She used examples such as having dinner with the Lord and going on dates with him, writing letters to Him when you pray.

I bought the book and started to read it but put it to the side when stresses of life started to get me down. I found myself in a position where I was physically unable to open my mouth and pray or to worship. I remembered Christine’s emphasis on ‘intimacy’ when praying and decided to buy a notebook that I would use as a prayer journal. My quiet time with the Lord from that point forward consisted of writing my prayers, emotions and worries in this book addressed to my Heavenly Daddy. Before writing each day, I would read a chapter from Christine’s book. Each chapter was small enough to digest each day but with enough content to give you food for thought for the rest of the day.
As I wrote, I would ask God what His purpose was for my life that day, and how I could walk in oneness with Him through my actions that day.
I found that in the short two weeks that I have been doing this, God started revealing things to me. Giving me deeper insight into specific areas of my life where I was having issues.

Walking in Oneness taught me that there is not one aspect of our lives that God is not concerned about and though we may have our own plans and designs, God also has His own tried and tested method of allowing these things to come to pass if only we choose to walk in oneness with Him.

One of the most encouraging insights the Lord gave me was that with our issues, though we may feel impatient and that we have been asking about the same thing for months and months, in His eyes we are simply ‘One day closer to our breakthrough’ and we should be encouraged that we are getting closer to the end, rather than disheartened that we have been waiting so long.

This book has increased my desire to know God more intimately. Not all of interactions with our Daddy need to be conventional, as long as we are aligning our actions with what Heaven says.

This book is truly revolutionary and will give others insight as to how God sees certain areas of their life and how to see these areas through God’s eyes. I thank Christine for her openness in the book and her comfortable style of writing that made the book enjoyable.

I look forward to the next one in the series!!Adelola Morgan


I’ve finished reading your book; ‘Walking in Oneness’ and I must say I found it very rewarding and instructive. It’s a great privilege to read a book written by someone one knows since I can attest to the authenticity or not of your personal examples being a not so distant observer. In this case, there’s no shred of doubt about the freshness and authenticity of this work.

The book is a simple and honest exposition of what could easily be a difficult theological subject. You made the subject easy to understand and interesting. All through I felt like you hold your readers’ by the hand and guide them carefully through each chapter with prayer and useful references at the end.

Personally I used the book as a thermometer to gauge where I am in this Christian walk. And as always, I found many areas where I am lacking. At times I felt a knot in my chest as your words exposed my inadequacies. The tables you employed to summarise your teaching were pretty helpful. For example it made it clear for readers to check whether we were walking in oneness or being led by the spirit or our souls.

I can relate to some of your personal struggles to live by the word of God. For example overcoming pride, submitting to Wale and facing rejection head on. In all, your determination to please God and to be led by his spirit shines through.

Your tips for walking in oneness with the Lord are spot on and gives a simple guide to readers to grow in our faith. I have already begun to apply them in my own walk with the Lord and thanks for that.

Overall, the book testifies to your unflinching walk with the Lord and contains an infectious desire for our Father’s heart.

God bless and well done. Soala Iyalla


“Walking in Oneness is a simple yet powerful read. For me it revealed the power of prayer in a whole new light, and my payer life has never been the same. It’s easy to pray for ourselves and others when we are in need of help, but when God leads us in prayer, we connect with the Father’s heart and pray selflessly (even when praying for ourselves). It refreshed and reminded me of the fundamentals of not just walking with God, but maintaining an unbroken fellowship with Him as this is a deep desire of mine. I found the prayers at the end of each chapter sharp, and they help to begin the application of what has been received. This book serves to edify and strengthen believers and reminds us that there is always room for improvement as we master a walk in oneness.”Nicole Belfon