“Knowing Him in His Glory”

Do you find yourself expressing great faith verbally but when faced with difficult situations your reactions are not a true expression of your professed faith?

Do you find it hard to give of yourself wholeheartedly to others because of past hurts and pain you have incurred?

Are you struggling to be a reflection of God in your everyday circumstances because of bottled emotions and pain?

Many know of God but few have become intimately acquainted with the person of God. As a result when life throws at us hardship and circumstances we respond in anguish and despair rather than -in accordance to the nature and character of God.  For us to respond to life circumstances in faith we must know Him in His glory.  When we encounter the reality that He has come to abide,  in all of His glory, His voice, His heart, His holiness, His motives,His immutability, His justice, His wisdom, His Sovereignty, His heart.… Then we know we have received the glory of a full and complete Christ, radiating all that He is as TRUE AMBASSADORS.

This book highlights 10 divine attributes of God that will unlock your heart from hurts, take limits off your mind, and free your soul to give your all, withholding nothing to a God who wants to reveal His glory through you.