Ways To Partner

There are many ways to partner with this CNMinistries that will enable us to carry out our mission.

1 Prayer  Partnership

We value your prayers as we know the power of the Saints praying as ONE MAN.  We are in constant need of God’s direction, His wisdom, His authority, His love,  as we minister.  Hence the need for your prayers so as to accomplish God’s  will for this ministry.

2. By Volunteering your skills/Service 

Without the help of those who have volunteered their technical skills, their willingness to serve by taking pictures, selling the resources, we would not be able to do all that we do

3. Seeding Ministry equipment  

Tremendously grateful for those who have given recording equipment, cd’s,  dvd’s cases to afford us to make available resources .

4. Financial partnership 

Last but certainly not least FINANCIAL PARTNERSHIP is one of the ways we are able preach the gospel and share the love of God  on an international scale. Without finances we would not be able to accomplish our mission. Partnering finances enable us to sow into meeting the needs of those who cannot help themselves whether that be through clothing, food, restoring those who have been used in sex trafficking, reclaiming a sonship mentality from orphans who have no parents.

You can give by:

Cheques:-  Can be sent to our mailing address


Maxet house

Liverpool Road

LU 1 1 RS

PAYPAL LINK (If you don’t have a PayPal account you can still use your Credit Card /Visa Card)

BANK TRANSFER   If you desire to partner via bank transfer please contact us on christinenelsonministries@outlook.com